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Saltdean Primary School
Chiltington Way
Saltdean East Sussex

TELEPHONE: (01273) 303358

FAX: (01273) 309206 Email here

HEAD: Miss Sue Goodman
Entry gender: Mixed
Boys age range: 4-11
Girls age range: 4-11

ELECTORAL DIVISION: Brighton (Rottingdean)

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Autumn term 2004
2nd Sept - 21st Dec
Half term 25th Oct - 29th Oct

Spring term 2005
5th Jan - 23rd Mar
Half term 14th Feb - 18th Feb

Summer term 2005
11th Apr - 22nd Jul
Half term 30th May - 3rd June

HOLIDAYS 2005 / 2006

Autumn term 2005

6th September – 16th December

Half term
24th October – 28th October

Spring term 2006
3rd January – 31st March

Half term
13th February – 17th February

Summer term 2006
19th April – 27th July

Half term
29th May – 2nd June

There are a number of extra days when the school is closed. These will be notified to you as and when


24th March Easter holiday begins
18th April   Pyke House week for 5W
25th April   Pyke House week for 5E
2nd May   Bank Holiday
3rd May   Art and design week
7th May   Brighton Childrens’ Parade
9th May   KS2 SAT week
9th May   Reception trip to Woodsmill

30th May  Half term begins
6th June   School closed for staff training
9th July    PTA summer fayre
13th July   Children’s society garden party
18th July   KS 2 sports day
15th July   Health and Fitness Week begins
18th July   KS I sports afternoon
21st July   Leavers’ day
22nd July   Last day of term


Charity News
A staggering £421 was raised for Mencap with the collection of 5p pieces. Well done everyone. Mrs Waite

Dogs on Premises
Dogs are not allowed to go on school premises

PE Bags
The school have PE bags for sale that won't fall off coat hooks. They are available after school each day priced £3.

Lost Property
There is a huge amount of lost property in the bin in the entrance hall. Please come and see if there is anything that belongs to you. Unclaimed items have to be disposed of each half term, as we have no facility for storage. Named items are returned to their owners weekly.

PE Kits
Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school each day. PE kit:- White T -shirt, navy blue shorts, socks, plimsolls/trainers, tracksuit for outside games (KS2)

Please ensure that your child is wearing black, sensible shoes to school. We will ask children to change their shoes if we consider that they are likely to endanger their or others safety. Children are hot permitted to wear jewellery at school apart from watches and small stud type earrings.

Yet again we have to report that there are several cases of headlice in all areas of the school. If we notice headlice, we always inform parents by telephone or letter and ask them to commence treatment immediately. We inform all parents by letter when there are incidents in the class in order that they continue preventative treatment i.e. daily combing. Suitable combs are available from the school office or local chemist. Treatment MUST be I!given before children with headlice are allowed to return to school. The school nurse will contact parents of those observed at school and speak to them personally. If you would like further information, please contact Morley Street Clinic tel.: 267338.

Toys in School
There are occasions when children like to bring toys and artifacts to school from home. Please do not allow them to bring anything precious as teachers can not spend time looking for lost items or sorting out arguments. We would also prefer it if they did not bring large items, as we do not have suitable storage.

Health and safety
Please ensure that you observe the NO PARKING signs. If it is essential that you use your car to bring and/or collect your child, please park away from the school. Walking a few steps may save a child's life. Please do not wait or use the corridors as a thoroughfare as this causes congestion and is a potential danger to children as they move around the school building. All Key Stage 1 children will use the Key Stage 1 playground to enter and exit the building. All Key Stage 2 children will use the School Lane entrance to enter and exit the building. The main entrance to the school is from Chiltington Way for visitors and parents during school hours.

Mobile telephone
Please do not allow your child to bring mobile telephones into school.

End of School Day
Please do not allow children to ride scooters or bikes on the KS 1 playground at the end of the school day. There are 180+ children leaving school at that time plus parents and toddlers -scooters and bikes are a hazard to their safety .We would also ask that parents with toddlers do not allow them to play on the field or to disturb classes as teaching continues until 3.00pm for Key Stage land 3.10 pm for Key Stage 2.