How to Change Your Amazon Billing Address After the Fact

An Amazon account can be a convenient option that lets you purchase anything you require on the internet quickly and conveniently. When you create the Amazon account, you’re required to supply your billing address in order to facilitate the process of buying items and proving your identity. What happens if you want to alter the address of your Amazon billing address later on?

In this article, we’ll explain what is an Amazon bill-paying address is and the reasons you might need to modify it, and what you can do to change your billing address within Your Amazon account. We will also give other tips to help keep track of and manage your Amazon account. With this knowledge, you’ll be able ensure that the information on your Amazon account is current and safe.

What is Amazon Billing Address?

It is the Amazon account’s billing address corresponds to the one associated to the Amazon account. It can be used to verify your identity when you purchase items , and to mail receipts as well as other related documents. If you provide the billing address of your account, Amazon can ensure that your purchases are safe and that any required refunds are sent to the correct address.

Why Change Your Billing Address?

There are many reasons you might need to alter you Amazon account’s billing information. For instance, if relocate to a new residence you’ll need to change your billing address in order to ensure your purchases are shipped in the proper address, and in order to ensure that refunds are made to the correct place. Also, if recently changed your name or discovered an error in the address that you gave, you might need to correct your billing address to make sure it’s correct.

How to Update Your Billing Address in Your Amazon Account

Making changes to your billing information in the account of your Amazon accounts is a simple procedure. These are steps you’ll have to follow:

Step 1: Sign Into Your Amazon Account

First, you must sign in to the account you have created with your Amazon account. This can be done by visiting the Amazon homepage and entering your username and password.

Step 2: Locate Your Account Settings

After you’ve logged in, you’ll have to locate your account’s settings. To achieve this, select”Accounts & Lists” and then click on the “Accounts & Lists” tab at the top of the page. after that, click “Your Account”.

Step 3: Edit Your Billing Address

When you have logged into the settings of your account, you’ll have to select the “Addresses” tab and select “Edit” under your billing address. There, you can change your address, and then select “Save” when you are completed.

Step 4: Confirm Your Updated Information

After you’ve saved your new address, you’ll need to verify your data. To confirm you need to click “Confirm” and then enter the code Amazon provides to your email.

Additional Tips

When you update the billing information on your account, it’s crucial to verify that all your information is correct. This includes your address, name telephone number, address, along with your email addresses. It is also an excellent idea that you keep all your Amazon account information up-to the latest by regularly altering your password. This will assure that your Amazon account remains secured.


The process of changing the address of your Amazon billing information is a fairly simple procedure. If you follow the steps in the article you’ll be able update your billing address on your Amazon account swiftly and effortlessly. This way, you will be able to ensure you have a account that is safe and current.