The U.S. Senate has a Bitcoin (BTC) supporter

It is still unclear who won the US general election, but a number of other places in politics have now been forgiven. In addition to choosing a presidential candidate, Americans were also able to vote for many other political positions.

Cynthia Lummis has secured a seat in the Senate for the Republican party. Good news for bitcoin (BTC) and its state of Wyoming, because the politician wants to protect the bitcoin industry and help it where it can.

Bitcoin Senator

Lummis is known as a dyed bitcoiner. According to her, she bought her first bitcoin as early as 2013. She was also active in the American Congress. During her time as a congress member she became convinced of bitcoin: „I was surprised how innovative bitcoin is with a decentralised shared database and a fixed edition. You know that there will only be 21 million BTC, which makes it an attractive source of savings“.

That last point is important because, according to Lummis, the status of the US dollar as a world reserve currency is under pressure.

„Bitcoin is a great promise to me. It can move towards a legitimate alternative way of storing value against the dollar. That is true at institutional level as well as at personal level. We should at least recognise that in our discussions on the economic future of our country‘.


Joe Weisenthal of Bloomberg has a nice nickname for Lummis: the Bitcoin Senator.

Wyoming and BTC

Caitling Long, founder of Avanti Bank, is delighted with the victory of her compatriot. In a tweet she announces that Lummis has publicly pledged to help the bitcoin companies against interference from national politics.

Long is a Wall Street veteran who is busy with bitcoin and related services. With Avanti Bank, Long wants to play the role of connector. Bitcoin companies and other interested parties can use their services.

Lummis also has family ties in this indsutrie. Her daughter is married to Will Cole, he is involved in Unchained Capital and former vice-director of Stack Overflow.

It is not only banks that can work with bitcoin in the state of Wyoming. Insurance companies are also allowed to offer bitcoin services.